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Although Google evaluations all have a similar format, they do not all come from the same place. Finding the review’s online home is the first step in answering the question “how do I delete a review from Google?”

Is It Possible To Have Google Reviews Deleted?

We won’t sugarcoat it; erasing negative Google reviews isn’t easy. But it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Businesses shouldn’t be able to readily influence evaluations since they are designed to reflect the voice of individuals. For this purpose, Google doesn’t provide a simple “remove” option for reviews posted on the site; doing so would result in very erroneous comments.

However, Google provides a feature called “flagging.” In case you see a review that you feel violates Google’s criteria, you may report it by clicking the “Flag as inappropriate” button.

Should You Remove Reviews From Google?

Let’s back up for a second and ask ourselves whether we really must dive into the subtleties of removing your Google reviews.

Google reviews are increasingly becoming significant to customers as they make purchasing decisions online.

Keep maintaining a good rating on Google since 64 per cent of customers say they read reviews before approaching a company.

However, it’s not as crucial as you might believe to have all As (or 5s) on your reviews.

Customers’ indifference to bad feedback is on the rise.

When there is no bad feedback on a business’s web profile, 30% of customers will think they are fraudulent.

Fifty-two percent of consumers think they are more likely to purchase after reading a few unfavourable comments about the product.

Getting a few bad ratings here and there, contrary to popular belief, might be beneficial.

Methods For Blocking Negative Comments On Google

Google will not check the legitimacy of reviews left on your My Business page before them being shown to the public. Because Google Local is a public service, anybody with access to the internet and a Gmail account may leave a review of a local company.

Companies may feel some unease as a result of this. Negative comments posted by dissatisfied clients on their Google Local site are not unheard of. Even those who have never purchased from you before may leave a rating that cannot be confirmed.

In this scenario, the review violates Google’s review guidelines and should be reported.

Any negative feedback posted about a company may be quickly addressed by following Google’s detailed recommendations. To have Google investigate and perhaps delete or censor a review, you may go into your Google My Business profile and submit a flag.

Reviews produced lacking firsthand knowledge, as well as libellous statements, assaults on the author’s character, and straying from the matter at hand, fall into this category.

Addressing Bad Google Reviews

Personally reacting to poor Google reviews is yet another option to consider. Visitors are frequently astonished to see a reply to their comments, particularly on Google.

Carefully crafting a thoughtful answer to a complaint will allow you to collaborate with consumers to find a solution. Even if doing so does not increase their overall rating, it will demonstrate excellent customer service and reduce the unfavourable image that the review has had on prospective new clients.

Review responses may also be used to expose fake ratings and comments. Please state that you cannot locate the order in question. Don’t be shy about calling BS if you have solid evidence to suggest that the review was written by a bot.

Once again, this will assist other consumers in determining whether reviews are reliable. It might also help Google determine whether reported reviews are fraudulent so that they can remove them


Request The Reviewer To Change Their Rating.

Another perk of responses is that you may politely request that reviewers change their poor ratings. Maybe you’ve already found a solution for them, or they’ve mistaken your company for another. If that’s the case, make sure they know, and ask them nicely to revise or delete the comment.

Customers, in contrast to corporations, have the option to modify or remove their own Google evaluations.

Disabling Google Ratings And Reviews

After reading this, you might be contemplating that it would be simpler to disable Google reviews altogether. It’s not quite that easy, however.

Google reviews can’t be disabled, in reality.

Anyone who has a Gmail account may now post a review of your company on Google’s My Business platform.

Getting additional positive reviews from consumers on Google is a simple solution if you’re concerned with your brand’s image.

Methods For Obtaining Additional Comments On Google Search Results

Did you realize that if you simply request your satisfied customers for feedback, a sizable fraction of them will provide it? Broadly speaking, customers are too preoccupied with their own lives to spend the effort to provide feedback on a business.

If you don’t ask them to, of course.

The majority of satisfied consumers would gladly provide positive feedback if simply requested.

To Sum Up

There is no hidden method for hiding negative reviews on Google beyond reporting them as spam. Unfortunately, once they get there, they usually don’t leave. To effectively manage your internet image, the key is to take measures to eliminate the possibility of unfavourable reviews while simultaneously amassing a large number of good ones. If you follow those steps, you’ll never have to worry about having a negative comment removed from Google again.