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Do you wish to garner helpful insight into your product’s performance as well as your competitors’ performance? As a seller, would you like to know what customer search behavior pattern falls in line with your products?

You do not need to create such records on your own or spend money to gain such knowledge. Amazon Brand Analytics does that for you. Moreover, you can access it for free.

Let us get into a few details that’ll help you better understand and process Amazon Brand Analytic reports.

Amazon Search Team Report

Efficient SEO efforts and keyword usage guarantee your products and brands will reach a wide audience. The Search Team Report from Amazon comes extremely handy here. It dedicates numerical rank to particular product search terms. Some of the highlights of the Search Team Report are;

  • Search Frequency Rate
  • Click and Conversion Share
  • Popular search terms within a time-period

While it does not tell you the actual sale volume, it does clicks and sales percentage of the top three ranking products. With this report, you can enhance backend search terms, gain a better understanding of customer behavior, and improve marketing campaigns.

Amazon Basket Analysis

Basket Analysis from Amazon lets you know what else customers are purchasing along with your products. This tool is especially useful if the item you are selling is being purchased by customers in considerable numbers.
Shampoos are sold most likely in a customers’ basket with either conditioner, hair oils, hair serums, or soaps.
If your sales numbers are low, Amazon can not create a very detailed and insightful Amazon Basket Analysis. Also, no sale numbers would mean the Basket Analysis wouldn’t come for much use.

Item Comparison And Alternate Purchase Behavior

The Item Comparison report lets you as a seller know what were the five most popular items that customers viewed in a day after looking at your product listing on Amazon. It also comes with a definite percentage value of each product’s search.
The Alternate purchase behavior report shows the top-ranking items that customers opted to purchase instead of your own. It also provides time percentage figures related to alternate product choices.

Highlights of both Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase report for sellers are:

  • Alternate purchase behavior of customers
  • Compared and purchase percentage
  • Brand, Category, and sub-category of alternate purchase

Amazon Demographics Report

Amazon Demographics reports part of the puzzle to plan your product marketing campaign. This depends on your customers’ age and income along with sex, marriage, and education status, details that can be accessed anytime with the Demographic report.

If your customers are mostly millennials and Generation Z, you can focus more on online marketing campaigns. While Generation and older still prefer television and print adverts.

To access Amazon Brand Analytics, you need to open Amazon Seller Central. Skim through the options and land on the tab called Brands. Once inside, you will see Brand Analytics displayed on your screen.

Now that you have a hold of this knowledge, you can create marketing promotion strategies, make informed business decisions, and scrutinize your product portfolio better.


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