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The Importance Of Brand Awareness

Consumers’ ability to recognize a company’s brand is a major factor in their choice of whether or not to buy a service or product from that business. This means that consumers are more likely to buy from the company again, which ultimately boosts the company’s market share and revenue.

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Top Gen Z Marketing Tactics For 2022

Gen Z marketing needs more than just product sales. This generation, born between 1996 and 2010, is value-conscious and attracted to businesses that “keep it simple & real.” They’re innovative, fearless, and the originators of several trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other social media sites. They also demand a little different strategy than their […]

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7 Reasons To Start Shooting Video

Remember the old saying – “A picture is worth 1000 words”? How many words will a one-minute video be, then? Now, let’s do the math: If one second of a video has 24 frames, then one minute of video will have 1440 frames! How many “words” will be needed to substitute just this one-minute video? […]

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Perfect Social Media Strategies for Your Business

Create a succinct social media strategy that gets you leads, conversions, and more revenue! Social media usage grew considerably during the pandemic, both in terms of average time spent and user population. That’s why your business will bounce back faster in the post-COVID economy if you fine-tune your social media strategies now. And unlike the […]

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