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Frontend & Backend Development

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Internet markets are becoming more competitive and innovation is aggressively peaking. Today, you need a developer who not only understands the website creation process but also has a creative approach critical in outdoing the competition. Our experienced team at Imagine has top-industry skills and specializes in outlying websites, from the front-end designs to the back-end functionalities.

Frontend & Backend Development

Catchy Front-Ends

Services offered:

  • User Interface Development
  • Frontend Architecture and Design
  • Custom Frontend Development
  • Maintenance and Support

The front end of a website consists of fonts, colours, and layouts, which a user sees when they visit.

We help organizations create the most impressive designs that appeal to customers and keep them coming back.

Our innovative team possesses a diverse skill-set in the top front-end programming and scripting languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, to set you on the higher competitive ground.

We create the most elaborate and high-quality code by using top industry libraries such as JQuery. Additionally, Imagine complements this with top-notch frameworks such as Bootstrap and AngularJS to maintain a high-standard content presentation across different gadgets.

Our front-end developers team compile your branding pieces such as images, colors, and logo to compose the most precise image for the brand, which captures the target audience as needed.

Frontend & Backend Development

Responsive Back-ends

Services Offered:

  • Server Scripting
  • Database Programming
  • Application Re-enginnering
  • API Programming and Integration

While the front-end supports the display functionality of a site, the back-end does the generative work and sends content to be displayed to the users. The success of a front-end is determined by the efficiency of its back-end. We utilize both high-level and low-level languages such as Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby to bring you the most responsive server functionalities.

We develop data management systems from high-rated tools like SQL and Oracle to ensure a seamless flow of data between the server and browsers.

We also control versions with the help of top-industry software such as CVS, Git, and SVN, and employ some of the best PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Cake PHP.

Imagine is determined to create an enduring partnership with your organization from stakeholders to your quality control team to align our vision to your goals.

Frontend & Backend Development

Imagine Unmatched Work Ethic

When it comes to creating a digital masterpiece, we understand that every team member’s input is invaluable. Therefore, we ensure that regardless of the area of specialization, every team player understands the basics of all stages involved in the design project. This helps create a natural blend of ideas for different parts of the project to merge seamlessly.

Frontend & Backend Development

We Prioritize Problem-Solving Attribute When Recruiting Your Development Team

We stay up to date with the latest advancements in the industry by seeing through a continuous training tradition within our organization. We invest in communication and stellar support services by employing highly effective co-working mechanisms that help actualize project goals. Hand over your front-end and back-end projects to Imagine, and get superb digital solutions that only compete for the top online spots.

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