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Having just a well-researched, great piece of content will not necessarily provide the high rankings you strive for with your SEO Strategy.

What went wrong?
Shouldn’t Google reward great content?
Search engines like good content, but this is not sufficient. We have put together 7 rules on how to integrate your content marketing into your SEO Strategy and get the desired results:

Create unique content

We are not speaking about plagiarism. That is quite clear. We are speaking about competition. Your content needs to stand out of the great abundance out there. What is needed is to choose unique topics for your content. This will help your content outshine others and rank on the first page of the search engines.

Select the right keywords

Most of your readers will be using exactly these keywords to get to your content. Hence you need to choose them wisely. Use keyword tools to help you find ones with less competition and high search results. This will help you achieve a higher rank more easily.

Keep page ONE insight

Everyone wants to make it to page one of Google. If you want to get there, pay attention to the content which ranks on page one. This will provide useful ideas of what topics to use in your future content, which will provide traction.

Consistency pays

Having one piece of content, be it great, out there from time to time will render poor results. Search engine algorithms love consistency. When focusing on several articles on a niche, Google (and all others) will start to regard you as an expert in this particular field. Keep these articles flowing on a consistent basis. Weekly posts are the least of what is necessary.


Recycle is good not only for keeping our planet clean. If you have pieces of content that performed well in the past – recycle them. This may be better than having a new post published. Recycling content will be beneficial not only to your SEO ranking but will also keep your site up-to-date – something which visitors like. Further recycling will help you with your consistency above.


Just publishing a great piece of content is not enough. Let the people know that you have this treat for them. A great place for the promotion of content is social media. Use them and channel readers to your posts.

Follow the structural rules

Having the anticipated structure and length of your content is important for search engines. Also do not just sprinkle the keywords on your text or overdo it. Your content needs to have a free-flowing language with integrated keywords. This is not important only for the search engines – readers will love it too. Search out what the structural rules for content are these days (they do change from time to time) and follow them.

By successfully integrating content marketing and SEO, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level. And that’s exactly where Imagine steps in. Our experts are adept in the intricacies of both.

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