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Marketing Made Easy

  • First, we get to know you. Through a detailed over the phone chat about your needs and business, we can begin to create a script that works for you.
  • Have a peruse through our samples and decide which voice and music fit your brand identity best.
  • Behind the scenes, we’ll record the script in our studio and format it to your phone system for you.
  • After a few days of sitting back and relaxing, you’ll find that when callers reach your phone, they will be met with the system we designed for you without any hassle on your end.

Do not waste a single moment of contact with your callers and instead let them get to know you at every moment possible. A simple voice or tune at the other end of the line welcomes and comforts, and shows them that you’re a company worth trusting.

When met with silence, many callers will hang up out of boredom or a belief that they’re being ignored. An automatic voice or menu will leave them more likely to stick around and will show them that you will get to them as soon as you can.

This time on the call isn’t just a way to entertain your callers, it’s also a few minutes which you can use to express your brand, form strong relationships and create a marketing opportunity to upsell.

Voice Marketing

Audio Voice Talent

It’s simply not enough to have a professional-looking website for customers to peruse. They need to know that they can trust you over the phone as much as they can online. And the best way to do that is to establish your brand with a friendly, clear, and professional voice.

How could you best make use of an audio voice talent?

Clarify and enliven your PowerPoint presentations with a clear voice and helpful sound effects and music to show your audience exactly who you are and why they should be interested in what you have to say.

Make sure you pique their interest and capture their attention with a helpful voice and video that sets itself apart from the rest. Even a clip as short as 60 seconds can provide useful insight into the most complex subjects, forming a trusting relationship between yourself and customers, and making them feel that their business is in the right hands.

Many people learn best when they can listen to information clearly and precisely, so make the most of training opportunities and save time and money in the process with a video you can utilize again and again.

Voice Marketing


Giving Your Company A Voice

Make a great first impression by welcoming your callers in the way they deserve and expect.

The term ‘auto-attendant system’ encompasses many things such as a voicemail, interactive voice response, main greeting or even a menu tree. It’s ultimately a way for your callers to communicate with you even when you aren’t there, ensuring that your company appears professional and welcoming no matter the hour.

A friendly and helpful voice to welcome your callers not only keeps customers on the line, but also ensures that they can access any information they need even if you’re not there to provide it yourself. Regardless of how big or small your business is, guarantee yourself a positive caller experience with clear and functional audio help at every turn.

No matter what you’re looking for, an auto-attendant system can make it happen. From helping callers choose between different actions, leaving a voice message or being welcomed to your line, prepare for a stress-free solution to a simple (but common) issue without increasing your workload.

Are you a larger company with differing needs? We can create a functional system to manage your call flows, streamline your customer service and encourage caller engagement regardless of the volume of calls you receive.

Our studio is state of the art and is utilised by professional and experienced engineers to offer you audio files in whatever format suits your phone system best. With incredible talent, writing, editing and proofing at every turn, you can rest assured that we have everything you’re looking for all in one place.

We consult you directly to find out precisely what you’re looking for, editing the script ourselves to ensure our work is of the highest quality. And if you have questions, get in contact with our thorough and friendly customer service team. They’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you require.

Voice Marketing

On-hold Messaging

Show them they can trust you even when you aren’t there

Show your appreciation to your customers by maintaining a professional and clear line of communication and directing them to exactly where they need to be without wasting a moment of their time to confusion or disorganisation. Ensure that their experience with you is a positive one.

  • Make the most of the time to educate your caller about your services, products or any promotions or deals you have that they can enjoy.
  • Show them who you are with a first impression they won’t be able to ignore or forget any time soon.
  • Keep them on the line longer than any bland silence on the other end of the line could.
  • Advertise to an audience already motivated and listening to what you have to say. A cost-effective and straightforward way to boost your sales in a timeslot you would otherwise waste.

Would you rather listen to a clear and informative voice, or would you prefer annoying beeps, repetitive music or plain silence? We doubt you would, so don’t make your callers endure that either.

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Make a great first impression by welcoming your callers in the way they deserve and expect

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