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Remember the old saying – “A picture is worth 1000 words”?

How many words will a one-minute video be, then?
Now, let’s do the math:
If one second of a video has 24 frames, then one minute of video will have 1440 frames! How many “words” will be needed to substitute just this one-minute video?
1 440 000 words?!
It turns out that the saying is quite right, and video ads are irreplaceable in social media marketing. Besides the mathematical proof above, here are some more reasons:

1. Greater Information density

With video you can convey, not only the ad queue but also a feeling, an emotion, some music, one or several friendly faces, tone of voice, color scheme, subtle messages, … you get the picture … or rather you get the video.

2. Cost-effective

Some old-timers, like me, remember that you could buy an ad in the paper for just about your lunch money, but for the TV, you had to spend your life savings (and I am not talking about the Super Bowl). Guess what – today you pay the same to publish a written ad, as you would for a video ad.
To put it bluntly, with video, you are getting more for your buck.

3. Brand Awareness

People prefer to do business with brands, which they know. Putting a face to your video ads, telling a compelling story, using the right colors for your message, generating a feeling in the viewer – all this creates a memory of your brand.

4. More influence

With video ads, you are not just getting your brand or advertisement message across. With good video content, your ads may begin to be treated as influencers. People tend to follow things and people they like, or people and stories, who they would like to resemble.

5. Ranking higher

Video ads will provide a boost in page rankings. This will attract a bigger audience to your offerings. This will trigger larger sales. It is as simple as that.

6. Who wants to live forever?

A good video ad, can take on a life of its own and actually “live forever”. This is hard to accomplish with any other means. Videos will not be taken down, and they will continue to channel clients to you. This brings the cost per client down yet further.

7. Easy to measure

In order to get great results, you will need a great video. Social media has taken the guesswork out of the equation. You have ready metrics for the performance of each of your video ads in the social media channels. It has never been so easy to know which ad performs well and which needs to be taken down.
This, of course, provides great transparency to any money spent on ads and helps marketers calculate correctly their budget and cost per client, which in turn makes them much more efficient.

To cut the long story short, if you haven’t begun your video ad campaign on social media, it is the right time to start. DO NOT MISS OUT.

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